I was excited to visit Vietnam since it’s the city where my father was born. I was captivated by watching daily life unfold…

The scenes were stunning!

Getting caught in morning traffic wasn’t any fun at all…

But I loved seeing so many cyclists!

I was really impressed with what local businesses do to care for those less fortunate. Two places I visited were Koto (Know One – Teach One) who help underprivileged youth and Craft Link where they sell handmade crafts from artisans that live in the remote, mountainous regions of Vietnam.

I saw a show at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater! The ancient art of water puppetry is unique to Vietnam.

I loved the walk along Hoan Kiem Lake. I crossed the Huc (rising sun) Bridge to visit the Ngoc Son Temple.

The spring weather was perfect for exploring.

I loved my visit to Ho Chi Minh Museum

…and the Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology.

I even found time for a little shopping, eating ice cream, and getting a massage at Just Massage (an NGO that employs visually impaired individuals)…

What did you think?

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