I couldn’t have been happier that my brother and sister-in-law-to-be were getting married in Oahu. The whole wedding party shared a waterfront house on the lovely beaches at Barbers Point.

We spent an amazing day snorkeling at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. In addition to seeing amazing tropical fish, I definitely got my workout while treading water to avoid stepping on sea cucumbers.

After Hanauma Bay, we drove just over a half mile to Lanai Lookout—a spot where Pirates of the Caribbean 4 had filmed a just couple of months earlier in July. This gem, just off the side of the highway, made for a cool place to watch the sunset.

Hiking Diamond Head State Park as a group was loads of fun. Afterward we visited Nu‘uanu Pali, or more commonly called Pali Lookout. The forceful wind makes your hair stand on end!

We dedicated a whole day to enjoying the Polynesian Cultural Center, located on the north side of the island. On the way there, we drove through Kualoa Ranch, one of the the filming locations for Jurassic Park.

We wandered around the village, learning about the traditions, art, music and dances distinct to each island culture—specifically Aotearoa, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga. In the afternoon, each culture was featured on the float parade.

The week my family spent together in Hawaii was our most special experience to date!

Our day at the Polynesian Cultural Center ended with a luau and an incredible live fire show called Hā, Breath of Life.

Read “36 Hours in Honolulu” in the New York Times and “Three Perfect Days in Oahu” in Hemispheres Magazine for recommendations of what to see and do in Honolulu.

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