Buenos Aires

I spent three weeks in Argentina, having so much fun learning about Porteño culture. On my first day, I got my bearings through the 11 am Buenos Aires Free City Tour…and enjoyed it so much that I went on the 5 pm Aristocratic Tour too.

My first week, I stayed in San Telmo to be close to the outdoor Sunday market which bustles along Calle Defensa between 10 am and 5 pm. Vendors and artisans line the streets selling wearables and tchotchkes. There’s also an indoor market that sells antiques and fresh produce.

I was taken by all of the interesting graffiti that filled the San Telmo neighborhood.

The architecture in Buenos Aires will transport you to Europe; it’s no wonder considering numerous buildings had 100% of the construction materials imported directly from Europe by the colonists. While walking down tree-shaded Avenida de Mayo, I felt like I was back in Barcelona.

I spent my second two weeks in Palermo, an upscale neighborhood known for its plazas, shopping and restaurants—one of which is the parilla (grill) Don Julio. I loved my bed and breakfast stay at La Otra Orilla, which was conveniently located near my Spanish language school, Vamos Spanish Academy.

Read “Three Perfect Days in Buenos Aires” for some more inspiration!


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