Panama City

From Amador Causeway, I stood and admired my view of the sailboats and skyline of Panama City. I found it strikingly similar to the view of Chicago from Lake Michigan. However, I couldn’t be fooled, knowing that it was winter back there and summer here; and that is precisely why I chose to go to Panama in January.

For my first few nights, I stayed at Hostel Mamallena in Perejil. There I met Alejandra and Taylor and we had a great time strolling waterfront, eating ceviche at Mercado de Mariscos in Panama City, hiking Ancon Hill (Cerro Ancon), and hanging out at Luna’s Castle, a super cool bar nestled between colonial mansions in Casco Viejo. For fun, I changed neighborhoods a few days later and made myself at home in a lovely bed-and-breakfast in El Cangrejo called Hostal Entre 2 Aguas; I adored the hostel so much that I wanted to move in permanently!

The main attraction in Panama City is—you guessed it—the Panama Canal. It’s stunning to think how much this engineering marvel has impacted our lives. It was worth getting up early to see a boat pass through the canal before touring their world class museum. A friend told me that the tariffs for boats passing through range from $200,000 to $1,000,000 USD!


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