Just south of Miraflores is Barranco, a trendy neighborhood in Lima that is a destination for locals and travelers alike. Beyond the gated windows and doors of its colorful buildings, you’ll find amazing restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and clubs.

I found my retreat in D’Osma Bed & Breakfast, the loveliest place to stay in Bohemian Barranco.

Near to Plaza Mayor is the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs), aptly named for its lovely views of the ocean and park below. Stroll through it and you’ll soon find your way to the lovely gardens that line the coast.

The parks along Barranco’s coast are even prettier than those in Miraflores!

Tucked away on a side street is Las Vecinas EcoBar, a chic restaurant that shares its space with a panadería (bakery) and vintage clothing shop. I never would have realized this gem was there, had not Abbie (our friend and expat resident) shown it to Kiersten and me! In our meal, I tasted two fruits for the first time—tumbo (banana passionfruit) in my lemonade and sauco (sambucus) from the Andes Mountains atop freshly made hummus.

One surprise about Barranco is that the electricity is not grounded. Even though 220V shouldn’t have been a problem for my dual-voltage electronics, I knew something was wrong when my computer began vibrating every time I plugged it in—at three different places in town. Fortunately, I found a power strip with a surge protector. I am so glad I identified the problem before shorting out my electronics!

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