Tomales Bay

For a fun day trip from San Francisco, drive north and visit Tomales Bay Oyster Company where you can buy farm-fresh oysters, clams and mussels. Their website claims, “We Provide The Freshest, Most Delicious Oysters From The Cool Clean Waters Of Tomales Bay And The Pacific Northwest!”

There’s a saying that oysters are in season during every month that doesn’t contain the letter “R”; but my friends and I went in January and had a fabulous time! I guess we’ll just have to go again during the summer months to compare…

Beyond the lemon juice and tabasco we brought for the oysters, we packed a picnic lunch with quinoa, corn and bean dip with chips, pesto sandwiches, fruit salad, olives (Paula’s favorite), cheese, salami, clementines, chocolate-dipped cookies and more—and we were happy to have a cooler of ice on hand to keep food from sweating under the hot sun!

Each table has a charcoal grill and a recycling bin for oyster shells. We bought two dozen oysters—a dozen per bag. Eduardo, Lin Lin and I each tried our hand at shucking the oysters. We’re all pros now! ^_^

After so much good eating, we stretched our legs while surveying the oyster farm before heading back to San Francisco.

Tip: The oceanfront roads between San Francisco and Tomales Bay are quite windy. If you’re prone to motion sickness, avoid taking CA-1 and opt for a route along US-101 N. You’ll get there in just about the same amount of time.

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