Caye Caulker

Unlike the paved roads in San Pedro, the small island of Caye Caulker has packed sand roads traversed only by pedestrians, cyclists and golf carts. It’s known for tranquility and boasts strong Rastafarian vibe. (Hair braiding, anyone?) Overall, I thought it was quite charming.

I loved having the option to swim in Caye Caulker…in waters that are home to seahorses! The cool, lapping waves near The Split were perfect for bathing as well as prime for enjoying the sunrise and sunset. I did, however, keep distance from the tip of The Split since it’s college party central, thumping music and all.

As was true for San Pedro, it’s easiest to book tours during off-peak season by just finding a shop near your hotel. Besides, if a tour at one company doesn’t fill up completely, it’ll join with a competitor to fill the boat. The only real differentiator between companies is price, including which ones charge 5% on credit card transactions. Although it wasn’t much savings, I was happy to book with one that didn’t charge extra fees. (None of the establishments I frequented in San Pedro passed on credit card fees to the buyer.) Snorkeling through the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve was a blast! I felt fortunate that I had already “met” a few nurse sharks the day before…since I happened upon a six-footer resting under coral. Quite startling when snorkeling alone!

Just like in San Pedro, I got my daily coffee fix from Ice ‘n Beans, where they also serve fruit smoothies. I satisfied my sweet tooth with Belizean ice cream…and with a slice of amazing chocolate coconut pie from The Cake Lady!

The outdoor movie theatre at Bondi Bar & Bistro made for a great evening activity. Although they don’t announce the features more than a few hours in advance, they do take requests. The night I went, I watched a documentary screening.

The basic accommodations at Blue Wave Guesthouse were fine, but next time I plan to upgrade and book Oasi Holidays or Maxhapan Cabanas. For travelers from the States, Belize makes for an incredibly relaxing extended weekend. If you love marine life, I can’t recommend it enough!

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