about me

gokimdoi love to travel. no joke. i really love it.

some of my friends tell me i will get tired of traveling one day. maybe they are right. but maybe i’m born to travel. being in new environments inspires me and refreshes my soul.

a while ago, i made a personal goal of visiting one new country per year. i didn’t think it would really happen, but then it did. and then there was the year i visited two new countries; then four. since 2004, i’ve visited over 40 countries. and somehow, there was a recently a twelve-month span when i visited 16 countries. i’m still asking myself – “how did that happen? i’m so lucky!”

people always ask me how i can afford to travel, so i tell them. for one, i don’t have a family of my own, which means i have more disposable income. also, i choose to be frugal on other expenses, and i look for ways to make money on the side. more than anything, i make travel a priority and go at every invitation and chance i get. opportunity begets opportunity.

travel gives me access to experiences, thoughts, and people that i wouldn’t otherwise encounter. because of my travels, i carry a greater appreciation for life and health, and i’m reminded to listen first before making an assumption about someone or judging a situation. i have realized that the way i was taught to interpret life and social situations may not provide an adequate context for what i see when outside of my familiar environment.

in this blog, i feature highlights from each city i’ve visited. i hope by seeing photos of my travels, you will be inspired to have adventures of your own – whether they are halfway around the world or to the other side of town.

so – just get up and go. you never know what might happen. happy traveling.


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